Friday, August 31, 2007

I've been slacking!

Whoops, it's a month since I've updated.

The carrier is FANTASTIC. I used it all over the Gold Coast and it's my go-to carrier for quick back carries now. I'm itching to make another one and adjust a few things, but I need to get to Spotlight and get more webbing ... and I really can't make that trip until uni semester ends unless I get Garry to drive me (can't throw away an entire day).

I need to update my WIP sidebar thingy. Gave up on winter pants & PJs for Alastair, heh, but I'm going to make him a Dora outfit for spring since he looooves Dora and all the clothes in the shops are for girls (a pair of denim long shorts with Dora pockets, and an appliqued T-shirt). I also finished him a pair of longies last night:

Tried to get some action shots today but he didn't really co-operate.

Picky Pants pattern, XL/Toddler size, adapted to 8ply/DK (first time I've done this - I did a gauge swatch and the maths and adjusted the pattern)
Addi Turbo circular needles, 4mm 40cm and 4mm 30cm.
Cheap 100% wool from K-mart, I love this colourway though.

I highly recommend the Picky Pants pattern, especially for beginners. I've used two free patterns before purchasing this, and though I do really like Shannon's pattern, being a freebie it didn't completely explain doing an enclosed elastic waist or how to eliminate the holes around the crotch. The PP pattern did and now I can tackle any longies pattern because I have the basics down!

The fit is just what I wanted - a little big at present. Folding the waist down gives a perfect fit up there, and the legs are about an inch too long, which I will cuff. This way they should fit next winter (although hopefully he'll only need nappies for night-time by then).

I've just cast on for Knitty's Monica in a bright pink and yellow for Emma (Debbie Bliss cotton DK). This is my first time working with cotton and it is definitely different from wool!

Unfortunately I don't get as much time for knitting and sewing now that I'm studying full-time from home. Boo hoo.