Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bah, kids

I sewed a cape for Alastair last night, and he refuses to wear it :P

We're going to the Fairyland Festival at Kings Park today, so Emma is, of course, wearing a fairy dress, but I thought Alastair would like a wizard's cape. Luckily it was easy to make.

Here's the pattern I use - I did have a commercial adults' cape pattern but it was unnecessarily complicated. Excuse my crappy MS Paint skills. Dimensions don't matter hugely, but the circumference of the curves at the top needs to sit nicely round your shoulders. I used fold-over elastic for the top this time, because it was late and the velour was fighting me.

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yeh, not much time for domestic pursuits lately. The full-time study load with a high-needs toddler is kicking my butt.

I have almost finished the main bodice for Emma's 'Monica' tank, though (then I knit the frill, and attach the two).

That really is about all I've done in the last couple of weeks :( I did find some really good-looking heavy duty webbing and buckles at the army surplus store (saved me a 2 hour trip to Spotlight and it's better quality IMO), so an SSC Mk II is on the horizon. I have some Amy Butler Nigella twill coming in the mail though, so I think I'll wait and use that.

Should be some funky PUL prints coming too (and then I SWEAR I am off co-op buying, honestly), which I think I'll make into some show-off AIOs for summer.

I have established a compost heap and done a whole lot of weeding, and will be re-mulching my fruit trees next week; I suppose those are domestic pursuits too.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Longies in action (I need to cuff them properly).

Dora outfit I made Alastair today because he's obsessed with Dora and you can't buy boys' Dora clothes: