Sunday, May 11, 2008

Very Hungry pants!

This is my first go at 'real' pants (pockets, back yoke, fake 'fly'), as opposed to simple unstructured pants. I used a KwikSew pattern, though I adjusted the size to fit Alastair. I did NOT like the way the waistband was constructed; I found it far too fiddly. So that bit is pretty messy, but they're pants for a 2yo - he's not going to care. Having learnt the basics of how to construct a pocket, I should be able to adapt my own pattern. I'd prefer slightly wider legs, and as I said I'd just do a simpler waistband.

I still think they're cute! Babywale pale green corduroy with quilting cotton accents :) THE VERY HUNGRY CATERPILLAR. (Alastair loves this book.)



I'll try and get an action shot because they don't lie flat very well.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Whee! Newborn fluff

All made with the Darling Diapers newborn pattern, but I adapted the pattern to make a fold-out soaker.

Outers: cotton knit
Hidden layer: hemp fleece
Inners: cotton velour (the squishiest velour EVER) and sherpa (so fluffy)
Fold-out soaker: velour/sherpa/hemp (3 layers in total, doubled over)

I went with the fold-out soaker (sewn in at the back) for maximum absorbency with minimal drying time, for this winter baby. There's no internal soaker at all, so there's only ever three layers together.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

A sock!

And it fits! (My ankles aren't really this fat, bear in mind it's an 8ply sock so quite thick.)

I have started on the second one in an effort not to get second sock syndrome. I'm pretty happy with this one for my first ever sock. There are a couple of little holes around the heel flap where I picked up stitches a bit unevenly, and I screwed up the seed stitch rib when I moved on to the foot, so it doesn't match up with the top half of the sock, but it fits and it looks like a sock, so I'm not complaining!

One each of the kids from playing at Toddler Town today, just 'cos they're cute: