Sunday, June 22, 2008

I have been a bad, bad blogger! I am 38 weeks pregnant, if that's an excuse ;)

I pretty much lost the creative urge again for a while, due to lack of energy and a tonne of other stuff to do. I still have a tonne of other stuff to do (!!), but in the past few days I've been attacking my mending/half-finished projects pile.

Way too boring to take photos of, but I fixed the elastic in a couple of nappies and a pair of pants, mended some socks and a teddy bear ... I have a cute little baby beanie with ear flaps nearly finished that I must get on to next, and some PUL covers for Alastair that I cut out ages ago and never sewed the FOE on to.

That's about as far as my 'nesting' urge goes, although I guess I've decluttered a lot of clothes lately (about 6 big garbage bags of clothes and toys off to the op shop).

I'll take a photo of the birth pool once I've got it set up (soon!) - that's domestic enough :)

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