Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fair trade coffee

Since I never get to finish craft projects at the moment, I thought I'd better post about something - how about a product review?

I've found it really difficult to find decent-tasting fair trade instant coffee. Yes, I know that "decent-tasting" and "instant coffee" should possibly not be in the same sentence, but I am just far too lazy to make 'real' coffee every day, particularly for my morning cup, which is usually made with a baby in the crook of my arm waiting for her own morning feed. Anyway, the last batch I found was in the Oxfam Shop but I rarely go past there and it's really difficult to go anywhere out of my way right now (three kids on the bus - it's a challenge).

When that ran out I looked at Woolworths. The closest I could find was this organic stuff:

From Surprisingly Domestic

Nature's Cuppa Organics. Not actually fair trade anyway, but free of slave labour as part of the organic certification process. [Eilleen is a bit of an expert on this.]

It looks somewhat like dried animal droppings. Unfortunately, it tastes similar to what I imagine dried animal droppings would. However, my caffeine addiction won out and I drank it anyway.

When I was in Coles a week or so ago, I saw this:

From Surprisingly Domestic

Robert Timms 'Earth Blend'.

The coffee bags are an excellent idea; made from a mix of instant and ground coffee for a bit more of a kick. More expensive, though. The jar of instant was $7.99, which isn't bad - and it really is a decent-tasting instant coffee. Hurray!

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mummabare said...

oooh I drink natures cuppa....its yummy. I refuse to say Im too lazy tho...

Im "just too busy" works much better for me.

Thanks for the heads up about the market!

Im "just too busy" at the moment to do anything about it but if I ever get a moment to myself I will look at it more.