Thursday, April 9, 2009

What a week

I had a horrendous assignment due last Friday, and then I got an extension until the Monday, but it just consumed my mind, and I was going insane because crafting is my release, and I couldn't do any.

I did eventually submit it on the Monday, but then I had to catch up on all the laundry that had been neglected while I was consumed by this assignment.

There was much more cleaning I should have done, but I gave up. Hah. I'll never get the hang of the cleaning part of being 'domestic'.

So, I made a little horse soft toy, for a secret swap. Since it's through the babywearing group, I made it out of a piece of a woven wrap. He was very cute, but I packaged it up before taking a photo! I'll have to hope the recipient posts a photo. He was made using a pattern I picked up for 50c at an op-shop.

And I finally got up the courage to make myself a piece of clothing. My previous efforts have been somewhat half-hearted, I have to admit. It's just a basic boat-neck, 3/4 sleeve knit top, and I've had the pattern for ages but had trouble finding suitable fabric. Well, the purple interlock I got for $3 at the op-shop was perfect, hurray. I'm so pleased with the fit! I *did* take photos, but am not going to upload them until tomorrow, because we're shaped until then and the internet is painfully slow. Boo.

I also have an angry political post brewing, which doesn't really belong here but I may post anyway. You've been warned.

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