Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hello, out there!


Yes, I'm all done with uni now, so perhaps I'll find time to blog (or even time to do something to blog about. My exam was yesterday and I've already finished a couple of lingering knitting projects that had been languishing at the bottom of the basket. Including a wedding present I was knitting for a friend. Her wedding was in November 2007. Oh dear.


Bec said...

I've got 1 exam and 1 essay to go but that feeling of being oh-so-close to crafting time is so wonderful!
Enjoy your break - I know mine will go all too quickly!

Georgie said...

Bec, I'm actually done for good! (For the second time. Hopefully someone gives me a reality check if I decide I want to go back for a THIRD degree anytime soon.) I suppose I'll have to consider looking for work, but I've pretty much decided it's not worth my while until Alastair starts kindy next year - daycare for the two would cost $140/day and librarians don't get paid much more than that.

Good luck with your exam and essay!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing!