Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lazy update-by-photos

Home-made finger buns. FINALLY found a recipe that my kids will eat in lieu of the Baker's Delight ones - all I did was add an extra tablespoon of sugar to a white bread recipe, do the dough in the breadmaker, and the key is to put them close together on the tray so they have the joins like the bakery ones. Oh, and undercook them a little compared to what you would do regular bread, so they'll be soft rather than crusty.

Custard apples ... the only thing I can grow, and no-one here really eats them. Palmed a couple off on friends and added one to a batch of strawberry sorbet for sweetness. Amazingly, these things sell for up to $8 each in the shops!!

Chocolate cupcakes for Miss Emma's seventh birthday, to take to school. Icing is natural food colouring.

Cake for her birthday party, she only wanted a love heart and didn't mind that it was a bit of a slipshod decorating job, heh. It does say "Emma" in sprinkles.

And the birthday girl herself.

Really bad photo of the Milo vest I knitted Evie; I finished this a while ago but had no pics. I've lost my yarn needle so the ends still haven't been woven in! Argh.

There's one important domestic art every mother should teach her son - how to make a good coffee.


Clarinda said...

Emma is beautiful! Happy birthday to her too.

You have inspitred me to make finger buns too!

Bec said...

Your little miss is adorable!! And those finger buns look super yum too!