Monday, May 3, 2010

I don't think I posted about this boring yet nifty little project I did. Evie's been wriggling out of the 5-pt harness in her carseat. I was going to buy a 'seatbelt wrap' thingy, but they're $15 or so with no guarantee that they'll work.

So I made my own.

It's simply two rectangles of polar fleece, sewn together and turned right way out. Fold in the sides so they meet with about a 1.5cm overlap, and mark where you need to fold it. Sew three rows of strong 1.5inch Touch Tape, hook in the middle and loop on the two sides. Attach four snaps to the overlapping part.


She hasn't managed to get out of it yet. (Oh, and that's her "cheese!" face, not a grimace of pain.)


Lacey said...

I just wanted to let you know that if you buy/make any after market things to use with or on your car seat it will likely void the car seat's warranty. Just a friendly FYI :)

Georgie said...

Thanks, yeh, I did have an idea that was the case, but the alternative wasn't very palatable either!