Friday, October 1, 2010

Efforts at gardening

I am a really bad gardener, but I do try. At our house, it is very frustrating trying to do so. The soil is extremely poor, and the layout doesn't work for me at all. Plus, there are a couple of large overhanging trees that we need to get professionally trimmed, so there is insufficient sunlight in most areas (nice and shady to sit in summer, however).

The kids and I have been trying to grow a few things in pots instead. I will try and get the garden landscaped when we have sorted out renovating the house (hah! So maybe never at the rate we're going).

Here are our results, in this lovely spring weather.

Alastair's dwarf lemon tree:

It's really dried out over the past few weeks and I need to nourish the soil.

Emma's blueberry bush:

A little pot of mint:

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