Saturday, February 14, 2009

One Fetching down, one to go - well, less than one, since I've knitted about 5 rounds of the second. At least I'll finish in time for winter ;)

The cabling doesn't show up very well due to the different coloured twists in the yarn, but I do really like the self-striping effect, and the knitted fabric feels lovely. It's Paton's Jet, a wool/alpaca blend. I can see myself making more of these anyway, because they're great for using up small amounts of yarn that I have sitting in my stash.

That said, I did stuff up the first cable repeat on the second pair, by holding the cable needle at the back instead of the front on two sections, so that the cables twist in the opposite direction to what they should. Silly me! I think I'll leave it; it adds character.

I finished the gift I'm making for friends expecting a baby:

Two PUL covers (size small), and three snappi-able fitted nappies. They've chosen to mostly use flats for cost reasons, so these nappies will fit over quite a wide size range - I can just fasten that size on Evelyn, but she's big for six and a half months - and fasten with the Snappis/pins from the flats, but just be a bit more fun.

Cute flannelette print inners with snap-in boosters:


Tracy said...

they look really cute.

Anonymous said...

That's a lovely present. I'm such a sucker for snappable fitted (especially when combined with a bamboo booster) Such a great easy combination that fits for ages

Clarinda said...

love the alien print! those fitteds look great