Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day gifts

This year I bought two canvases, some paint, and let my six- and three-year-olds express their creativity for their grannies. It cost us very little, but hopefully our mums will appreciate it.

I also whipped up a little boxy pouch from this tutorial for my partner's mother, and added a nice all-natural soap from the health food store. I will do the same for my mum, although I'm actually not seeing her tomorrow (sorry, Mum!)

I must say that tutorial is simple yet ingenious. A perfect use for small pieces of fabric, perfect for gifts, and even I, who am extremely zipper-challenged, managed it without issue.


Bec said...

We did the canvas thing for my mum last year when she turned 50 and she loved it- hope the grannies do as well!

Thanks for the tutorial too - I'm wondering if I could squeeze one of those out for my mum before we meet up later today. Hope you have a wonderful mothers day!

Mama Thrift said...

Brilliant idea with the canvases! There is my belated mothers day gift sorted! Thanks :)