Monday, May 4, 2009

'Tis the season ...

... to make pants?!?

Well, the changing of the seasons tends to be the time when one needs to make things for children, when you realise they've outgrown all of last winter's things! I thought Evelyn was going to need a whole 'new' (i.e. op-shopped or homemade) wardrobe, but then I discovered three tubs of clothes in the shed, that I'd forgotten about. Woohoo.

I did still make her these two pairs of pants from the Little Comet Tails Crescent Moon Yoga Pants pattern. One pair is polar fleece with ribbing for the waist - it's only one layer of fleece so not really enough for a nappy cover, but cozy all the same. The other is a gorgeously soft wool jersey, slightly felted. I ran it through a warm wash, but not hot, so it's still stretchy. I used two layers in the 'crescent', and lanolised it, so it should hold up as a daytime nappy cover.

(The wool pair is showing the back of the pants, a perfect pattern for cloth nappies.)

Excuse the half-plastered wall in the background. We'll get it finished one of these days. I wish I could make the children stop being cute in front of it.

I made one more pair of pants last weekend for a little birthday boy (or not-so-little, since he turned four). He likes bright colours and bold prints: I think these fit the bill.

All these fabrics have been in my stash for ages.


DrCris said...

Great pants and fantastic pattern. I was just reading this blog and I was stunned by the stripy fleece fabric on those pants. Any chance you made a pair of flongies for a swap on OzCloth out of that material? If so, it was for me, and they have made it through a second child and are still going well!


Georgie said...

LOL! Yes, Cris, that was me. That was forever ago, it seems. And it's taken me that long to make anything for my own children from that fabric. Good to hear it has held up well :)