Sunday, July 22, 2007

I finished B's mei tai while Alastair was napping, but I forgot to take pics of it before I nicely rolled it up, poo. It's nice and bright though - a wavy bright striped pattern with solid purple cotton drill straps. Pretty happy with it, I didn't make any of the little annoying errors I made with previous versions (like not getting the straps quite even/straight, crooked stitching, etc). I just need to make her two wetbags and her package (6 covers, MT, wetbags) is ready to go. Luckily, since she had her baby last night. Wooo!

Then I am done with all the things I promised other people, and I need to sew some stuff for Alastair/me. I really need to get cracking on the faux-AngelPack (I borrowed an AngelPack LX and loooved it, so I will model my SSC on it) because I want it for our trip to the Gold Coast in two weeks. Alastair needs 5 or 6 more pocket nappies/microfibre inserts by then too, because I need quick-drying stuff for hand-washing in the hotel room.

Cast on for a pair of longies in the Picky Pants pattern ... next project I NEED to start on is Tam and Eric's wedding present, which Ican't go into details about in case Tam is reading (but don't worry, guys, it's nothing BIG that'll suck to take back to the US with you, and hey it might fail and you'll end up with something store-bought anyway!)

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