Sunday, July 8, 2007

I really need to take better pictures, because a blog would be much more interesting with photos. But our camera is only average, and the lighting in our house is really bad for photos - nothing turns out right. There's no sun to take outdoor pics, either.

Anyway, today I finished the mermaid costume (I have a pic to upload later), and cut out the pieces for my brother's Lucius Malfoy cape (which had to be done when the kids are asleep, because it's large pieces and I don't have a dedicated sewing room - YET). I should be able to get it sewn tomorrow; it's pretty simple. Oh, and made one more PUL cover for a friend who is going to give cloth a try because she's just moved up to Shark Bay (her hubby's a cop) and the disposables there cost a fortune.

Just gonna relax and do some more on my One-Skein Wonder for half an hour or so :)

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