Sunday, October 26, 2008


I went op-shopping last week for the first time in ages, and of course didn't find what I really wanted - summer clothes for Alastair - but found some other things. A nice dark denim skirt for me, Barbie T-shirt for Emma, and these:

From Surprisingly Domestic

A handbag with tags still attached, in giftable condition - $5. Not my colour, but it'll make a nice Christmas gift!

From Surprisingly Domestic

That's $22 new, in as new condition for $1.75, and will fit Evelyn this summer.

Then on the weekend we went to Spotlight and I finally bought the drill for the next mei tai I want to make, and found this for $5 down from $25:

From Surprisingly Domestic

Alastair loves Dora! It's slightly scratched, that's all. We put it low on the wall so he can hang his own things :)

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Bec said...

Well done on the bargains ;-)