Monday, October 6, 2008

This one is not really my crafty endeavour at all - well, only a tiny part.

I scored a new Beetlebums all-in-two nappy at last week's stocking (which, believe me, is hard to do), and Mel was kind enough to include a small offcut of the fabric so that I could make a matching shirt. I was just going to do a white singlet or shirt, but happened to have a shirt that's exactly the right shade of blue. Obviously it was meant to be ;)

From 20081006

From 20081006

Yeh, the applique's only half done; Alastair woke up too early from his nap. Such is life.


Tiff said...

CUTE!!! love the fabric. Whos is the designer?

Georgie said...

It's Botanical Pop by Jackie Shapiro :)