Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Food. Yum.

I've been rocking dinnertime this week, if I do say so myself.

Monday we had sausages & heaps of roast vegetables (potato, sweet potato, pumpkin & beetroot), with broccoli and cauliflower. Home-made chocolate ice cream and raspberries for dessert (the raspberries were frozen, of course, I *wish* we could get fresh here). Tuesday I put the leftover roast vegies on a pizza (Garry also took some with pasta for lunch, and then I had leftover pizza for lunch today, so it was pretty good value), with crusty garlic bread & more vegies. Fruit salad with vanilla & cinnamon whipped cream for dessert. Tonight we had hoi sin mince & vegies with Chinese cabbage and egg noodles. Ran out of yummy desserts, though :(

Last Friday Emma and I planted some seeds (carrots in the garden, and parsley in a large pot). I'm hoping they germinate soon :)

The fruit trees are doing quite well. The orange and plum trees out the front (established before we bought the place) have flowered nicely, so I just need to keep the fruit fly off. The young ones out the back - well, the nectarine one is doing great. It had a whole heap of young fruit - and then Alastair and a little friend decided to pick a handful each *sigh* at least they didn't try to eat them. There are still about 20 on the tree, hopefully the bugs stay away. The peacharine (cross between peach and nectarine) only has a couple of stunted fruit that don't look like they'll grow, but that's because half of the tree was dead and I didn't prune it until the beginning of spring. Since I pruned away the dead part the rest looks a lot healthier, so hopefully next year. The other plum tree has 6 or 7 young fruit. The mandarin tree only has one bud. The grapefruit is flowering, and I think I killed the lemon tree, lol.


mummabare said...

your garden sounds wonderful georgie!

Just thought I would let you know, dawsons in forrestfield quite often have raspberry bushes for sale. We bought one about, hmm..2 years ago? And have had success :) Not that we could collect enough to make anything out of them, dj eats them straight from the bush!

Georgie said...

Oh, really? I assumed they didn't grow well because they're not readily available in shops. I'll have to try! Thanks K :)