Sunday, April 27, 2008

A few different things

Some more wipes - those curves are getting better! Alastair has an upset tummy atm so the extra wipes are already coming in handy, blergh.

Bath mitts. The left-hand one was my first effort before I realised I didn't like how it was constructed (I was making it up as I went along) and got a better idea. I also decided it was too long. So that one's for me! The right-hand one is a present for an online baby swap thingy I'm doing on a due in July board (and I know they won't read this) - much happier with how this turned out.

Another part of the baby swap gift - one of those burp cloths that fits over your shoulder. I had some store-bought ones with Emma and they were pretty useful (though a folded-in-half terry flat serves the same purpose, it isn't as cute). It's 2 layers of cotton flannelette with a polar fleece backing to keep clothes dry(ish).

Hopefully the recipient doesn't mind hand-made things. I don't think she is planning to use cloth, which is why I didn't just make a nappy or two :) I'm going to buy a little rattle or chew toy or something to round out the package, just in case she doesn't like hand-made! I just love making baby things.

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Tracy said...

I'm sure she'll love it. Bright and cheerful.
I love cloth wipes so useful! I had Jodie from Nappies covered make me some bamboo and flannel ones so soft!