Friday, April 25, 2008

Today's efforts

Pair of corduroy pants for Alastair, who is currently obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine:

I know it seems kind of silly to have painstakingly handmade clothes with a mass media character on them - but if he's going to be obsessed with Thomas, he may as well be so in individual style!

Unfortunately they're too long, I really need to adjust this pattern. The cuffs were quite fiddly so I am not keen on unpicking them, but I really think I need to *sigh*

This is a lovely soft thin-wale corduroy, btw. I got it as a 'short roll' from a co-op, which means (I think) it's basically the extra width off the loom that clothing manufacturers don't want - perfect for kids' clothes, and nice and cheap.

And a nice simple project, some flannelette wipes:

I'm planning on making a few of these at a time over the next few weeks to practice my overlocking (especially curves) before I attack some mama pads or any more nappies. After all, a wipe is still pretty useful even if its a wonky shape, and with two in nappies, I doubt I can have too many wipes.


Jack said...

The Thomas pants are darling. I am not sure of the exact construction of the cuffs, but is there a posibility that you could create a fold of cord behind the cuff and sew around rather than remove the entire cuff?

Georgie said...

Yes! That's what I was thinking. The cord is quite lightweight so I don't think it will add too much bulk. The cuffs are just sewn OVER the bottom of the pants, but it's 2 rows of stitching and I find it a bit fiddly.