Thursday, April 24, 2008

Yum yum - muffins and newborn fluff

The kids and I made some orange muffins today with a few of our home-grown oranges. Yummmmmmm. I modified the recipe a little - left off the crunchy topping (though Emma decided we must ice them), and used half wholemeal flour. A really good recipe, nice and moist and flavoursome, not too sweet. I think next time I'll try adding some sultanas, maybe after soaking them in orange juice first. (Seriously, we still have a LOT of oranges.)

Emma and Alastair doing the icing. Yes, it had to be pink, even though it's made with orange juice.

Here are two pairs of newborn/small longies I knitted from the Picky Pants pattern. I did most of the knitting while I was in the UK, but am only posting photos now. They still need elastic/drawstring in the waist.

And here's my sewing 'area':

It closes up really small - sewing machine lowers on the elevator thingy and the overlocker goes away in the little cupboard, then the flaps all fold in. It will be better when it's in a dedicated 'hobby' room so I can leave things out for a day or so, but it's much better than the non-existent sewing area I had before. The stuff on the table is a pair of corduroy pants I'm making for Alastair, but they're only half done.


Tracy said...

Those Muffins look very yummy :)

Our citrus isn't ripe yet we have mandarins.

I love your sewing cabinet very neat and tidy. Mine is a huge mess I can't close because it's so very stuffed with stuff Lol

Georgie said...

They were very yummy - only two left now! ;)

Thanks! It's neat and tidy because that's the first time I've sewn in ages - so I've only just set it up, hehe. I'm sure it will be chaotic soon enough.