Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Newborn nappy!

I made my first newborn nappy for baby #3 tonight! (Seeing as I cleared out the fabric stash a little.) I am sooooo rusty, but the baby's only going to pee and poo in it anyway :P

Outer: cotton knit.
Hidden body layer: cotton jersey.
Inner: 100% cotton white velour (soooo soft)
Sewn-in quick-dry soaker: 2 layers cotton jersey sandwiched between 2 layers of cotton velour.

And next to a Green Kids pocket for comparison:

It's made using the Darling Diapers free newborn fitted pattern. It's supposed to be made with snaps, but I've lent my snap press to a friend and I didn't want to wait - it should have two rows of snaps on the front, and a snap-down for the umbilical cord stump. So it will fit EVEN smaller! But I think the velcro version will be fine, because I don't make small babies. I like the pattern! A word of caution if you want to use it, though, it's designed for knits, not wovens, or it won't fit for long.

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Pip said...

Nappy looks great with velcro. Sorry I had your snap press for so long. I like you sewing area set up.