Sunday, January 4, 2009

Getting on with things

Now that all the Christmas craziness is over, I need to get serious about the piles and lists of unfinished craft projects.

I fixed up a few things in the mending pile last night - a pair of my pyjama pants that had ripped near the seam, and a hoodie (also mine) that had a hole along the seam joining the hood to the collar. Both quickly fixed with the overlocker - and both would probably have been thrown out a year ago.

I think I'm due a tidy-out of the sewing room next, though (well, the hobby room - it's half mine for sewing and half my partner's for his music stuff). Eek. De-clutter, de-clutter!


Shelly said...

I am going on a mad de-clutter binge myself. I am about to spend an entire paycheck on tupperware boxes at walmart ;)

Shelly said...

Well, maybe not THAT much...