Monday, March 2, 2009


My little boy turned three today. Wow.

I must admit that he is into a lot of commercial kiddy stuff, so he did love the Talking Rescue Pack (from Go Diego Go!) that we bought him, and the Thomas shirt and playset. But I also made him two presents:

A doll sling (he wore Tigger in it later and it was sooooo cute, but I didn't get a pic).

A pillowcase, because he's just started sleeping with a pillow, and we really don't need any more sheets, so I didn't want to buy a whole sheet set.

I also have to share this adorable rideon car my parents bought him:

And his cake:


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the cake, Georgie!

Happy birthday wee chap :D

Tracy said...

The cake looks wonderful. Wow how did he get to 3 so quickly? They grow up way too quickly.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Alistair!

Love the cake, might have to copy that idea for A's birthday