Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More op shopping

I've been having fun op-shopping. Of course, I didn't find what I was actually looking for (winter shoes for Alastair - I ended up just buying a new pair), but I had some nice finds anyway.

My favourite is the hand-knitted fair isle cardigan ($3.50), but I also love the patterns (a basic T-shirt pattern sized for the whole family, and a soft toy pattern with an option for a hobby horse, 50c each), and the huuuuge piece of Bunnykins fabric ($5). Alastair picked the books. There's also a really nice weight purple knit, some sweatshirt fleece for making winter clothes, and zippers.

It was kind of cute when Alastair sat down and bawled in the middle of one of the op shops because there weren't any shoes in his size. "But I want shoooooooooeeeeees!" He ended up getting a pair of Wiggles joggers, Target had them on sale, so all was good.

Here's an action pic of the Avalon Rainbow ring sling conversion:


Sara said...

The cardigan would be my favourite too! It's beautiful!
I love the bunnykins fabric as well... where is this amazing op shop with all the great finds???

Georgie said...

The Bunnykins fabric (& all the fabric) came from Good Sammys in Bedford, and the cardigan from a little Baptist one behind the Galleria in Morley :)

Sara said...

Thanks for that! I've been to GS in Bedford, but never the one behind the galleria, I'll have to check it out!

blissful_e said...

Hi - thanks for your comment on my blog and your encouragement about Vanessa. She really seems to be passionate about home birth and being available to the women she's committed to. I'm just hoping the bureaucracy doesn't squash all that...

Quickly looking at your latest posts here. Wow - I'm so impressed! Lots of beautiful things, and I'm especially loving the rainbow ring sling.