Saturday, March 7, 2009

Plugging away at the to-do pile in the sewing room

Another too-short T-shirt of Emma's, another piece of the pink knit top:

This time I carelessly overlocked the two pieces together backwards, but because I am just *that lazy* I went with it, figuring the inside-out look could be a feature (actually, my other half owns a couple of T-shirts like that). I added some ribbon along the bottom that Emma chose at the local sewing shop ages ago.

I found this skirt on the bargain rack in the op-shop for one dollar. It's in perfect condition and I just loved the print/style. It was originally a size 12 mini-skirt, which makes a perfect decent-length skirt for a tall 6 year old. It comes to just above her knees. I just chopped the non-zippered side off and re-sewed it, although because it was layered and had interfacing it wasn't as simple as I first thought. Another problem resulted when I realised I hadn't measured carefully enough and it was now too small, so I unpicked and inserted a panel made from the bits I'd cut off. One day I'll learn to measure properly.

Purely for the sake of cuteness, here's Evelyn in one of the prefolds I dyed yesterday:

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