Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day 18: in the garden

We're having a hot spell here in Perth, but that means I have water from the air-conditioning with which to water the plants. I set a bucket up under the downpipe and it gives me enough for most of these potted plants.

More blueberries. We've been picking four or five ripe ones each day, just enough for us each to pop one in our mouths, yum.

A little baby strawberry :) The kids are very excited about these.

The beans are a-climbing!


Di Nosaur said...

oh wow! love the blueberries! Mine doesnt have any fruit yet.

My mum has a tank/bigbucket thing under her aircon pipe and a pump to get it all around the garden. Totally cool idea :)

Georgie said...

We got this at the start of winter, I think. The colder-than-usual winter nights would've helped it set fruit. I'm looking forward to it getting bigger and having more yummy berries!